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The Knowledge of the Truth Ministries (Overcomers) was conceived by a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit on the 16th August 2005 between 3:00 am and 4:30 am. The Lord woke up Pastor Othieno Emmanuel Sam and directed him to begin a Ministry with this name. When Pastor Othieno asked the Lord to confirm with His Word that He is the one who had spoken to him in this divine encounter, the Lord led him to the following scriptures: 1st Timothy 2:4 "Who will have all men to be saved and come to the Knowledge of the Truth " John 8:32, Hosea 4:6 and John 14:6 "Jesus said lam the way, the Truth and the Life..." and John 1:1-3 The word of God is Jesus. When he asked the Lord for short name and unique identity for the Ministry, the Holy Spirit reminded him of Revelation 12:11 “They overcame him (satan) by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. This is why the Ministry is also referred to as “Overcomers”
The Ministry was launched on Sunday, 6th September 2005 in a living room. Members of the church have so far celebrated more than 3 years of the Lord’s goodness. Many people have been delivered from the oppression of satan, healed from different kinds of infirmities and blessed with jobs, education, marriages and children.


Evangelize the world in the name of Jesus Christ and to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ


a) To found and endow schools, hostels and orphanages and to work for the unity of the Christian Churches in Africa.
b) To establish a fund for the proper execution of the following objects and to provide facilities for education and moral and spiritual training of it’s members and workers.
c) To preach and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of Open Air Services, Meetings, and Sacred Songs consisted with God’s Laws and Ordinances.
d) To cultivate among the members love and respect for one another and the human race.
e) To cultivate among the members love and respect for one another and the human race.
f) To settle differences among the members with love and to arbitrate and adjust.
g) To advice and make representations to the government on matters of interest to the mission.
h) To open and operate other branches which shall be known as Parishes throughout the Republic of Uganda as the Mission may deem necessary.

Description of the project:

Statement of the problem.

Evangelism in Uganda like else where is becoming area of concentration to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through means like Open Air Services, Meetings, and Sacred Songs consisted with God’s Laws and Ordinances. This is intended to impart among the members spirit of love and respect for one another and the human race.
The above have been evidenced in the growing numbers of congregation joining our ministry. As a matter of fact, we are currently close to 200 believers. However, this has been limited to small space we are in now, in fact we are praying in someone’s seating room for last 5 years as per now moreover within government facility.
Therefore, the need to construct a chapel is expectant in order to have the base and address for the knowledge of truth ministries for the church to execute its functions of spreading the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ to people.
However, the social disorder in the community where this church is located for instance witch craft, prostitution, drunkardness, creed, jealousy, theft, drug abuse among others (the church is located at outskirt of Kampala city) has really compelled the leadership of the knowledge of the truth ministries to concede the idea of constructing its own church to attract these people who indulge themselves in the social disharmony. It should be remembered that this kind of social mismatch are basically done by the youths who are potential people to be used to spread more the word of God and activities that could bring economic development in the community.
According to the report by Uganda police 2009, about 80% of crimes like rape, defilement, thefty, robbery, murder etc are as a result of drug abuse, drunkardness and witch craft. In 2009 police shows that 38 children and mature people were sacrificed and about 125 are still missing. This is attached to witchcraft.
Its important to bring to your notice, at moment has vulnerable believer that need help from the church for instance peoples with disabilities (lame, deaf, dump etc), Orphans, windows, widowers, elders, unemployed youths and HIV positive. It’s presumed that if the church/chapel is constructed, it will become a base and address for mobilization of resources that could eventually be used to help these Orphans and vulnerable children, women, elders, disabilities and HIV+ people.
Related to above, According to the 2004-05 Uganda HIV/AIDS Sero Behavioral Survey (UHSBS), 6.4% (or slightly over 800,000 people) of adult population in Uganda are infected with HIV. Overall, there has been a declining trend of HIV infection from a peak of 18% in 1992 to the current figure of 5% according to report in Uganda 2008. The international target is to halt, by 2015, and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS. Uganda, therefore, seems to be well on track on this target but impact of HIV/AIDS has left many orphans, windows and widowers which need help.
However, despite the sustained declining trend of HIV/AIDS prevalence, it remains a significant threat to human and economic development. Over one million cumulative HIV/AIDS-related deaths have been reported since HIV/AIDS was first recognised in the country; and HIV/AIDS remains one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality rates in Uganda hence need to transform these populations psycho-socially through the word of God.
The above will be achieved through establishing the projects like brick laying which has already kicked off, games and sports especially to un employed youths. As a matter of fact with the little resource we have, about three children are sponsored at various schools and colleges.

Proposed solution

The Ministry has identified a good land for building the Lord’s House within the outskirts of Kampala City at cost of US $ 125,000. This land will be the site of the Overcomers’ Chapel, which will have a sitting capacity of 1,500 people per service. The chapel will cost US $ 276,050. According to the structural design and preliminary Bills of Quantities, construction of the Chapel will be as below.
“Whatsoever you ask in faith, Believe that thou have received and it shall be done unto you according to your faith...” (James 1:6).

Project description

Purpose of constructing a chapel

To have a base and address from where we shall attach evangelism. It’s said in Mark 16:15 that “go to whole world and preach the gospel to every creature”. Therefore to achieve this, believers need where to assemble and share the word of God like in Hebrews 10:25 “let us assemble together ourselves.......”
Hence 1st Timothy 2:4 says “who will have all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth”. The chapel therefore will help us achieve the desires as believers of the knowledge of the truth ministries.

Project outputs

1. Large numbers of believers shall be recruited to join noble course of preaching the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Evangelization of knowledge of the word of God will increase. Hosea 4:6 says “my people are destroyed by lack of knowledge” and John 8:32 says “Jesus said you shall teach the truth and the truth shall make you free”.
3. Community transformation for instance changing people’s attitudes towards love and respect for God, themselves and fellow human beings since they are images of God specifically those that who used to indulge themselves in social disorders as mentioned earlier on. These people will start spreading gospel of God and doing good economic activities for community development.
4. Introduce projects like games and sports to attract youth to the church since sports and games do not require religion. It’s assumed that if these youths come together, it can be an avenue for preaching the gospel after all before playing and in normal cases they first pray.
5. Create Vocational training in tailoring, carpentry, metal fabrication, brick laying and catering to solve the problems of un employed youths in the church.
6. The church resources shall be used to help the orphans and vulnerable children to attain good health and education.
7. Increase mobilization and sensitization in field of psycho-social transformation for voluntary counseling and testing for various diseases in order to have health and God fearing congregation.
8. Increase partnership with other churches/ministries, government agencies and donor relations with a goal of bring up children and people who are patriotic and God fearing and implementing government policies and projects for economic development.

1. Increase in savings, it should be remembered that the people which the ministry is transforming involve themselves in activities like thefty, drug abuse, prostitution, witchcraft, drunkards etc. we assume if these are transformed and accepts Jesus as their lord and saviour, the income which could be used to buy prostitutes, alcohol, drugs, stealing can be saved for further investment hence development in community.
2. The business community will boost due large number of believers with effective demand for goods and service. This will evident especially in hotel and transport sectors.
3. Reduction in crime rate as a result of social disharmony in the community after all the would be criminals will have been saved and born again.

3.3 Target beneficiaries:

The chapel is expected to accommodate congregation of 1500 believers per service and services will be three times a day hence 4500 per day.

Direct Beneficiaries
a. 400 youths will be targeted per service (1200 per day).
b. 600 women will be targeted per service (1800 per day).
c. 150 elders will be targeted per service (450 per day)
d. 200 men will be targeted per service (600 per day)
e. 100 children will be targeted per service (300 per day)
f. 50 needy people will be targeted per service (150 per day)
The composition of above beneficiaries will consist of women, men, children, windows, widowers, people with disabilities, people suffering from HIV+, orphans and vulnerable children as a result of war, HIV/AIDS pandemic, natural disasters, neglected, abandoned among others.

Indirect Beneficiaries

a. About 200 business community will benefit from the project due to effective demand of goods and services per day.
b. In relation to above 100 commute transporters will benefit since believers will be commuting from and to the church per day.
c. About 500 families will be relieved of errant criminals who used to terrorize the community.
d. Also 50 families will have their girls, boys, men, women reformed
e. About 15% of government expenditure will be reduced as a result of intensive operations by government security agencies to curb crimes in the outskirts of the city.

Location of the proposed chapel
The chapel will be constructed in Wakiso District, Kirra Town council near Uganda Namungongo martyrs shrine or Naboole (Mandela) stadium.

Chapel Construction activities:
1. Purchasing the Land.
2. Making building plan
3. Site clearance
4. Setting of the church house
5. Excavation of trenches
6. Casting blinding layer
7. Building the foundation
8. Casting the Slab
9. Building the wall
10. Roofing
11. Finishes
12. Painting

Sustainability of the project

Church/the chapel will continue sustainably servicing its purpose for the rest of its life time on the following internal income generating activities/ways.
o Tithe offered by the believers
o The believers will continue with the project of making clay bricks for sale to raise funds for the church activities.
o Fundraising from well wishers.
o Partner with other ministries or government for help if need arise.
o The church will involve the youths in and out door sports and games activities that bring funds to the church.
o The church will involve youths in innovative and creative activities that yields funding like Music, Dance and Drama.
o The introduction of Vocational training will help the church gain more money especially the ministry plans to start trainings in tailoring, carpentry, catering for public to hire the services and sale of the goods made etc.
o The believers will involve themselves in making and sale of crafts materials like beads, bags, necklaces made of papers, baskets, fabric clothes etc.

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